Student Articles:
Shopping Beijing Style
One family, One Child
Fitting Right In
Hard Workers
Purpose of Expedition
To showcase themes of Western culture to Chinese students that demonstrates democracy through the use of interactive thinking tools developed by Intel® and create related web sites through Oracle's Think Quest®
Student Project
This year's team of eight sophomores, juniors and seniors were involved with similarly aged Chinese Students to teach them components of American western culture. American students led Chinese kids through multiple activities in categories of American holidays, education, music, food, fashion, art, social behaviors, sports and other events they considered to best represent western culture through role play, hands-on activities and PC based applications. See related link for more information.
Duration of project
January 30-February 12, 2005
Locations Visited
Beijing and Harbin
Great Wall (link to expanded series from National Geographic®) , Harbin Ice Castles,
Orient Express, Tiananmen Square, Emperor's Palace, Chinese Opera., Forbidden City
High Definition Video
Mark Birnbaum Productions
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