Purpose of Expedition
To recreate some steps of the original US Corps of Discovery of Meriwether Lewis and Captain William Clark
Student Project
This year's team of eight sophomores, juniors and seniors were involved in a project to discover the Lewis and Clark Trail on snowmobile and horseback through creating trail maps of the area to explore and setting off on a five day expedition. In addition to many of the activities carried out, participants created a business plan and web site surrounding a product they would market along the trail by determining the needs of those they would expect to encounter. See related link for more information.
Duration of project
March 27-April 1, 2003
Locations Visited
Lo Lo, Montana
Expedition along the Montana section of Lewis and Clark trail (link to expanded series from National Geographic)  and Lewis and Clark by snowmobile, hiking and horseback; exploring trail with 200 year old Captain Clark in the Lo Lo National Forest, Making Moccasins and imprints of Bear tracks, camping and cookout in Teepees at Indian Village, Buffalo Safari, Chuck wagon cookout and livestock management at a working ranch
High Definition Video
Inmotion Imagery
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