Students and sponsors had an opprotunity to share cultural differences in entertainment as they visited the Chinese Opera
China travelers weather the February cold to pause for a group photo in front of the Summer Palace. From left to right (standing) Sound Director Peter Varrando, Clifton Coffee, Brittany Russell, Tracy White, Selece Forrest, Ronica Dixon, Ametria Busby, Travon Brooks, Filmmaker Mark Birnbaum. Kneeling: Darren Carollo, Erica Hollingsworth and Shirley Pickton
Brittany Russell and the troupe take a side trip to the northern city of Harbin, temperature about 20 below 0 F. The weather affords the locals to perform magic with ice sculptures. Other than the electric lights, this little city is designed entirely of ice.

The Far Eastern Journey: Beijing, China

Sponsors Shirley Pickton and Darren Carollo along with eight Lincoln students journeyed to Beijing, China for a ten day excursion where the world became the classroom. The students were English language facilitators in a Chinese high school where the concept of multi-culturalism became a reality. Lincoln students returned with a new view on what real life outside of Dallas is all about. We though the old maxim, 'A picture is worth a thousand words,' was fitting to share their life-altering experience.
Lincoln students try their hand at ice-pick sle racing.
Students marvel at the history and grandeur of one of the eight wonders of the world. The Great Wall of China.
Ronica Dixon participates in a traditional Chinese folk-dance at a local school in Beijing